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11 Atmospheric Control Panel

31 BioBLAST Homepage

38 White Board: Crew Assignments

48 TV and Videos

50 CD Player and CDs

53 Plant Production Hands-on Investigation Instructions

54 Human Requirements Hands-on Investigation Instructions

55 Resource Recycling Hands-on Investigation Instructions

56 Plant Production Simulation

57 Human Resource Simulation

58 Resource Recycling Simulation

59 Mentor

60 Activity Checklist

61 Medical Facility

62 Laboratory Equipment

63 Plant Production Research

64 Reference Manuals: Spreadsheets, BLiSS, Lab, Moon

65 Aquaculture Research

66 Exercise Facility

67 Laboratory Storage

68 BioBLAST Data Sharing Template

69 Resource Recycling Research

70 Robot

71 Introduction to Modeling and Simulations

72 Plant Production Videos and Readings

73 Human Resources Videos and Readings

74 Resource Recycling Videos and Readings

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