QuickTime VR of the BioBLAST® Lunar Base

Apple QuickTime® VR (QTVR) is a cross-platform technology that allows the viewer to change their point of view within a three-dimensional scene.* Interactive "hotspots" allow QTVR to be used as an interface for access to external software, movies, documents, and other electronic media.

You can look up and down, turn around, zoom in to see detail, or zoom out for a broader view. In order to view the BioBLAST® Lunar Base QTVR panoramas, if you do not already have QuickTime installed and configured for your browser, you will need to

  • Download the QuickTime plugin for your Windows or Macintosh Web browser.*
  • Configure the plugin for your Web browser.
  • * External sites are not maintained by Wheeling Jesuit University/NASA Classroom of the FutureTM.

    If you are ready to run QTVR, then you can download any of the sample BioBLAST lunar base modules listed below. Please note that without the BioBLAST CD, the hotspots in the lunar base will not be active.

    Lunar Base (11.5 M) This is the entire lunar base, which contains hotspot links to all of BioBLAST's tools and resources. It includes the space ship, three chambers (the Control Center, Laboratory, and Crew Quarters), and the connecting tunnels. You can go anywhere you want in the base—there are 17 locations for you to explore in detail. Click here to see an overhead view of the lunar base floor plan (130 k).

    Space Ship (720 k) This is the space ship that transports BioBLAST students to the moon. Hotspots include links to introductory readings and videos, a tour of the lunar base, and the Tons O' TYNS game.

    Control Center (720 k) The Control Center is where life-support systems are controlled and monitored. Hotspots include links to the BioBLAST Web pages, mentor videos, and BaBS, the Build a BLiSS System simulation software.

    Laboratory (720 k) The Laboratory is where BioBLAST research activities are carried out. Hotspots include links to hands-on laboratory investigations, computer simulations, and lots of information on related research topics.

    Crew Quarters (720 k) The Crew Quarters is where the crew spends their free time. Hotspots include links to information about crew psychology, the preparation of food in space, and a timeline on the history of life-support research.


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