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By using the form below, you will be able to share your experiments with other BioBLAST reseachers. Please e-mail the form to norm@cet.edu. Data such as graphs, spreadsheets, images, etc., should be sent as an attachments.

Norm will mark up your experiment in HTML, give it a field for receiving comments from others, and post it under BioBLAST Team/ twenty-one high schools. Click to view a sample experiment.



I. Teacher or Student

II. School Name

III. E-mail Address

IV.Title of Experiment

V. Problem

VI. Hypothesis

VII. Equipment/Apparatus

VIII. Methods/Procedures

IX. Results (data)


2. Graphs

3. Brief summary statement describing trends or averages

X. Discussion of Results

1. Significance of Results

2. Applications to ALS Research

3. Future Experiments

XI. Conclusion

XII. Questions or Comments Specific to This Experiment.

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