BioBLAST Tech Report

Use this page to report a bug or other problem with the BioBLAST CD-ROM. Please fill out the form below in as much detail as possible. If you do not have forms support, you can print this form and fax it to us at 304-243-2497.

School Information



Phone Number: Area Code: Number:

Fax Number:      Area Code: Number:

E-Mail Address:                

BioBLAST Registration Number:   

Machine Information

Brand:    IBM-PC Compatible    Macintosh

Operating System:(e.g. Mac OS 8, Windows 95) 

RAM (in MB):

 Number of Colors:(e.g. 256, Millions; 8 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit)

For Macintosh Computers


    Disk Cache Size:

    Modern Memory Manager: On Off

    Virtual Memory:On Off

Problem Information

Please describe the problem with as much detail as possible:

I can reproduce the problem: Always Sometimes

Please describe the steps needed to reproduce the problem:

Were you able to fix the problems youself?  If so, please describe what you did:

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