Data Sets

Yellowstone Stack Images

yellow1.tif yellow2.tif yellow3.tif yellow4.tif yellowstonemap.tif

Global Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Maps

gNDVI920401.tif gNDVI920501.tif gNDVI920601.tif
gNDVI920701.tif gNDVI920801.tif gNDVI920901.tif
gNDVI921001.tif gNDVI921101.tif gNDVI921201.tif
gNDVI930101.tif gNDVI930201.tif gNDVI930301.tif
gNDVI930401.tif gNDVI930501.tif gNDVI930601.tif
gNDVI930701.tif gNDVI930801.tif gNDVI930901.tif

Iceberg Stack Images

iceshelf1.tif iceshelf2.tif iceshelf3.tif iceshelf4.tif icemap.tif

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