National Science Education Standards
This module meets the The National Research Council's standards in the following ways:
  1. Earth as a System. Students learn about Earth as a system with subsystems that relate physical and biological processes and their associated features and organisms.
  2. Earth History. Students are introduced to the concept of geologic time, specifically in regard to the Mesozoic Era and its three periods;
  3. Earth in the Solar System. Students learn that Earth as a planet is just one of a number of bodies that orbit the Sun and that some of these other bodies may affect the Earth's ecological systems directly through asteroid/comet impacts;
  4. Science as Inquiry. Students are introduced to the nature of scientific inquiry through a set of multiple working hypotheses about dinosaur extinction;
  5. Earth Composition. Students learn about sedimentary rocks as a matrix for dinosaur fossils;
  6. Changes in Earth and Sky. Students learn that Earth is dynamic, undergoing changes in continent-ocean configurations, climates, sea level, and regional environments
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