Student Outcomes to the Dinosaur Module
This is a module of flexible outcomes. Students can derive a variety of skills and facts from the problem of dinosaur extinction. At the end of this module, the students should be able to:
  1. Recognize the relationships between alternative explanations and evidence in scientific inquiry;
  2. Demonstrate a facility for using computer-driven problems;
  3. Recognize the importance of remote sensing in providing us with knowledge and understanding unobtainable from our Earth-bound perspective;
  4. List and date the three geologic periods of dinosaur history;
  5. List the possible causes of extinction;
  6. Understand how dinosaurs are classified;
  7. Explain how an asteroid/comet impact could have jeopardized dinosaurs;
  8. Explain how a series of contemporary volcanic eruptions could have jeopardized dinosaurs;
  9. Explain how orbital change could have jeopardized the dinosaurs;
  10. Explain how disease affects reptiles and could have possibly affected dinosaurs;
  11. Explain how change in vegetation from predominantly conifers and ferns to flowering plants and grasses could have affected dinosaurs;
  12. Explain how tectonic activity can alter the location of the continents and thus alter their ecologies.
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