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Whether or not extraterrestrial life exists is a question of immense popular interest and a scientific issue of profound importance. The ExoQuest™ project uses this question as a framework for integrating current research in astrobiology into the grade 7-9 curriculum. Within the context of astrobiology, students explore topics in

astronomy evolution paleontology
biology earth science physics
chemistry geology remote sensing

Students ask the same kinds of questions and conduct the same kinds of research as scientists from NASA and other organizations around the world.

ExoQuest creates links between students and scientists at NASA and other research organizations, integrating NASA’s experience and expertise into the middle school and high school curricula. Several current and future NASA missions provide support for research in astrobiology; and, with the cooperation of the researchers involved, this project reflects and utilizes this wealth of information.

With ExoQuest, students travel on virtual journeys to destinations in the solar system and beyond. Their trips are based on past, present, and future NASA missions. At each destination students conduct investigations that include hands-on and simulated experiments. Each investigation poses problems that focus on different areas of research, providing an interdisciplinary approach to science and the scientific method.

The ExoQuest curriculum includes twelve activity modules.



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If you would like additional information or have any other questions about ExoQuest™, contact John Baro at jabaro@cet.edu.

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