Known Problems with the Beta Version of ExoQuest

  • ExoQuest Setup

    When you try to select a folder for Sci-Logs, you get an error message that says the folder does not exist. As far as we know, this problem only occurs on Macintosh computers.

    Solution: Sometimes this is caused by having another hard disk or network volume on your desktop with the word "ExoQuest" in its name. Try renaming the disk. For example, if you have a network volume called "ExoQuest Logs," change its name to "Exo Logs."

  • Movies (Windows only)

    Problem: All movies play badly; they are jerky and/or the audio does not keep up with the video.

    Solution: With QuickTime for Windows there is a setting that affects how well movies play. You can change this setting in the QuickTime control panel. You will find the QuickTime control panel under the Start menu. Select Settings, then Control Panel, then QuickTime. After you have opened the control panel, select Sound Out from the popup menu. Under the popup labeled "Choose a device for playback:" the default setting should be DirectSound. This usually plays movies badly. Select one of the waveOut options and try launching ExoQuest again. Pick the setting that works best on your computer.

  • Sci-Corder

    Problem: When you first begin a module and the Sci-Corder opens, the movie does not play well. It is jerky and the video does not keep up with the audio.

    Solution: Pause the movie and restart it using the controller just below the movie.

  • Sci-Log

    Problem: On the "Water in the Solar System" page of the Sci-Log, the shaded areas of the milddle and bottom graphs are reversed. In other words, the shading on the bottom graph should be on the middle graph and vice versa.

    Solution: There is no real solution to this on the beta 1.0 CD. All you can do right now is imagine where your data point would fall if the shaded areas were swapped.

  • Drake-ulator

    Problem: Once you click the Drake-ulator button, which reveals the Drake-ulator calculator, if you click the Intro button you get a dialog with the message "Director Player Error..."

    Solution: There is no solution for this on the beta 1.0 CD. You must dismiss the error dialog and restart the program.

  • Drake-ulator (possibly other Background Modules)

    Problem: If you click the Main button while the SciCorder is open and you have not saved your data, you get an error message.

    Solution: Dismiss the error dialog, close the SciCorder (shrinking it with the Magnifying Glass button will not work), and click the Main button again.

  • Remote Sensing

    Problem: If you click the Main button from one of the three data collection screens and you have not saved your data, when you dismiss the warning dialog the Main button is gone.

    Solution: Click the Save Data to Sci-Log button to save your data, then click the Go Back button to return to module's first screen. Click the Main button on the first screen to return to the main ExoQuest screen.

  • Teacher Log

    Problem: Only one student Sci-Log can be opened at a time. If you open a second student Sci-Log, the information in the log does not update properly.

    Solution: There is no way to get around this problem with the Teacher Log on the beta 1.0 CD, other than to quit the program and launch it again to open a different student Sci-Log.

    Download: Click one of the files below to get an updated Teacher Log that corrects this problem.

    Windows version (5.1 MB)

    Macintosh version (4.3 MB)

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