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The village metaphor frames the activities for each of the 10 investigations. The students go to the village to do research, visit different facilities, and use various tools and resources.

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Provide schools with a multimedia curriculum resource aligned with national education reform efforts while encouraging students to engage in scientific inquiry, learn about stars and stellar evolution, and use NASA resources and data.

Be motivated to learn about concepts in astronomy.

Engage in scientific inquiry.

Explore questions related to astronomy.

Use technology to acquire, explore, and analyze information.

Learn specific concepts related to stars and stellar evolution.

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Astronomy Village: Investigating the Universe™ transports students to a virtual observatory community-an "astronomy village"–where they take part in a variety of scientific investigations. This exciting multimedia program supplements high school science curricula as a culminating activity to astronomy instruction. Ten investigations cover a broad cross-section of current research in astronomy.

The CD-ROM contains a variety of fun tools, including an image processing program and an image browser. Among the simulations featured are a star life cycle simulator, an orbital simulator, and a 3-D star simulator. The CD also provides a multitude of other features:

Digitized video clips
Images from the Hubble Space Telescope and other instruments
Audio clips of astronomers discussing their work
Computer animations and graphics
Full-text documents such as NASA publications and articles from astronomy journals and magazines

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