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The Maya Biosphere Reserve was created in 1990 to help preserve the largest tropical rainforest in Central America. Each of the Central American countries has made attempts at preserving its tropical rainforests. This section examines how Guatemala has sought to protect some of its rainforests. The protected area discussed here is located in El Petén, a province in northern Guatemala, and is home to thousands of different animal species. The Reserve covers over 12,000 square miles. Since the Reserve is in Guatemala, but borders Belize and Mexico, an agreement to preserve this area was signed by all three countries.

One method used to protect the Maya Biosphere Reserve is eco-tourism. Eco-tourism involves bringing tourists to environmentally important areas. It has become very popular over the last decade as a means of educating people throughout the world and raising money to protect these places. It provides education because eco-tourists travel to see the rainforests' beauty and to learn about their importance (see Rainforests). Eco-tourism raises money by bringing wealthy people to the region. These people pay to see the rainforests and spend money while they are there.

The Guatemalan government has brought in environmental groups, such as Conservation International, to manage the Reserve. Environmental groups are pleased to assist since their goal is to protect areas like the rainforest. They help the government by sharing the responsibility to protect and preserve such reserves.


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