Understanding the Kosovo Conflict
What led to the current crisis? What were the Rambouillet Accords and what happened there?

Letters from Kosovo
Just days after a massacre last month in Kosovo, a teenage girl began e-mailing her experiences of living in the middle of a war zone to a pen pal in Berkeley, California.

The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
TFF expresses a vision and is an experiment in applied peace research and global networking.

Deacon Luka Novakovic stated that terorists from Albania and Kosovan Albanians are threatening to siege and destroy Pec Patriarchate. Albanians are continuing to attack Serbian people in Kosovo-Metohija villages.

Orthodox Diocese of Rasta and Prizren
Systematic destruction of the Orthodox Churches and Monasteries in our diocese in the presence of UN and NATO forces

Serbia Info News/ Front Page
Your guide through Serbia

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Official Web Site
Welcome to Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Official Web Site

Serbian Voice
Kosovo is a part of Serbia, where about 80% of population are Albanians.
Original name for Kosovo was "Kosovo and Metohia". Kosovo (Albanian population) and Metohia (Serb population). Where is Metohia now?

BBC News: Kosovo
Kosovo Crisis – Balkan Flashpoint

A Brief History of Bosnia-Herzegovina
19,741 sq. mi. / 51,130 sq. km (about the size of West Virginia; 1/4 larger than Switzerland). Picturesque mountain scenery (Bosnia's capital Sarajevo hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics), much of it covered by forests; some coal and minerals, no oil.

Network Bosnia
Dana, Dara, Peter, and Kristin wanted both to provide a link with Bosnia for the over 1,000 Americans who have served as volunteer elections personnel and OSCE staff as well as others who have lived and worked in Bosnia and the surrounding region

Not Sorry Enough
When questioned the Serbs still in Kosovo distance themselves from the atrocities that took place during the conflict, but returning Albanians are angered by their version of events.

Shoot First, Live Longer
Returning Yugoslav soldiers give their accounts of brutality, courage and despair in the failed war to save Kosovo.

CNN In-Depth Specials – Focus on Kosovo
Focus on Kosovo

Radio Television of Serbia
Serbian churches at Kosovo share the misfortune of Kosovo Serbs

Central Europe Online – History of the Conflict
Following is a chronology of key events in the crisis since last March

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