1. Basic: Your class has been recognized by an international humanitarian agency for your level of commitment in making the world a safe, supportive environment in which to live. This environment includes emphasis on caring for nature, safeguarding cultural traditions, and supporting families through lifelong learning.

The humanitarian agency welcomes your class’ thoughts about spending a $4 million grant. The agency wants to create a new community center in Central America. The agency wants you to recommend where to build the new center. Your recommendation must address the goals stated above. You also must show why your choice is an appropriate place for the center. Your presentation should include maps, images from space, and other visual media that will support your recommendation.

  1. Advanced: You work for a very aggressive technology firm. It provides computer-based solutions. These solutions include Internet wiring, web design, computer applications, graphic design, and service support. Management has decided that Central America looks like a very promising region in which to expand. This region has a growing commercial market. The basic requirements are to find a city in a country that is close to good transportation, has a stable government, and features favorable tax rates. The company expects you to support your recommendation based on the criteria. You also should include any other valid reasons you came up with during your research.

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