The vocabulary words below are different than the ones included in the "Definitions" page for South Asia. The "Definitions" include specific terms that are necessary for readers to be familiar with when trying to understand the various events that have occurred in South Asia. However, the vocabulary words below are general terms that may be unfamiliar to students in certain grade levels.

The vocabulary words are divided according to the particular section and then the particular page that they appear on, so you may notice that some of the words are repeated. 

South Asia
Peoples: linguistic, minorities vs. majorities, colonial, elite, ethnic, reform movement, salvation, Before Common Era (BCE), sects

Politics: liberal democratic republic, prosperity, nation, partition, democracy, ethnic, elite, dictatorial rule, monarchy, assembly, minorities vs. majorities

Economics: elite, illiteracy vs. literacy, gender sensitivity, deprived, corruption, square kilometer, textiles, destitution, sectors, monopoly, life expectancy, capitalistic market economy, annual growth rate

Geography: topography, lowlands vs. highlands, plain, plateau, peninsula, climate, Arctic, temperate, tropical

History: Indus River Valley, Before Common Era (BCE), native peoples, edicts, partition, port city, resolution, colonization

Kashmir and Its People:
partition, climate, suppress, census

History of Kashmir to 1947: succession, province, majority vs. minority, bureaucracy, partition, foes

Partition, 1947-49: partition, viceroy, accede, accessions, precedence, majority vs. minority, negotiations, United Nations, Security Council

Kashmir, 1949-89: negotiations, Security Council, uncontested election, legislative assembly, ratify, unanimous, Cold War, diplomacy, sacred, relic, constitutional, electorate, skirmishes, mediate, autonomy, Simla Accord, ousted

Terrorism and Repression in Kashmir: terrorism, oppressive, counter measures, undermine, artillery shelling, suppress, repressive, tactics, corruption, ousted, incursions, radicalize, compromise

Kashmir's Future: oppressive, weaponry, nuclear testing, missile systems, nuclear bombs, nuclear war, denounced, imposed, sanctions, condemned, military hardware, proliferation, nuclear weapons

The Punjab and Its People:
partition, province, state, plain, alluvial

History of Punjab to 1947: Before Common Era (BCE), Indus River Valley, native, diplomacy, claimants, corruption, strife, chaos, sentiment, preferential treatment, irrigation

Partition, 1947:, partition, appeasing, majority vs. minority

Punjab's Prosperity: prosperity, prosperous, irrigation, equity, class barriers, minority vs. majority, mechanization

Sikhism: guru, reformer, devotional, rebirth, meditating, divine, appointed, successor, sacred, executed, suppress, asserting, inducted, initiation, revere, observe, oppression, subjects, autonomous, adhere, national language, nominally

Demands for Khalistan: status, activism, allied, counterbalance, majority vs. minority, partitioning, union, autonomy, independence, bilingual, designated official languages, suppress, discontent, patriotism, secular, linguistic, enact, parliament, exploiting, radical, moderate, shrine, assassinated, revolution, dismissed, imposed, rebels, detained, campaign, prosperity, gurus, denounced, adhere, assimilated, oppression, autonomous

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