Itihaas: The History of India
Published Articles -- Ancient India -- BC to 1000 AD

Maps of India
India’s #1 Map Site

INDOlink Analysis
Indo-Pak Conflict, Politics, Nation, Nuclear Race, International Affairs…

Kashmir Home Page
A few documents, including U.N. resolutions and reports from Amnesty International, are being made available from this site to bring forward the plight of Kashmirs who are suffering every day and every minute.

India and Pakistan
Fifty years after setting out on a path of their own, how have Pakistan and India fared? Our special section takes a look.

Contemporary Conflicts: Kashmir
War, Peace and Security Guide: Information Resource Centre, Canadian Forces College

Important Historical Documents
These documents tell their own story about the events of Jammu & Kashmir and speak louder than any propaganda.

The Kashmiri Canadian Council Home Page
Welcome to the home page of the Kashmiri - Canadian Council.
We hope you will find our little corner of cyberspace both useful and educational. We will be adding new sections as well as adding new material to existing sections from time to time, so please visit regularly.

Kashmir Maps
The following maps were produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, unless otherwise indicated.


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