When doing research on the World Wide Web, you should keep in mind that just about anyone can create a Web site. Not all of the information you find on the Web comes from reliable sources. For this reason, you need to know how to evaluate the sites you visit. By knowing how to evaluate Web sites, you will have a better idea about how reliable the source of your information is. Then, you will be able to find accurate information that will be most helpful to your project. The following Web site links give you advice and helpful tips on how to decide whether or not the site is a good source for you to use.

Homework Center -- Evaluating Web Sites
Here are some tips for making sure that the sites you're using provide accurate, worthwhile information.

UCLA College Library -- Thinking Critically about the World Wide Web
The World Wide Web has a lot to offer, but not all sources are equally valuable or reliable. 

World Wide Web Page Evaluation Form
This page provides you with questions to guide you as you evaluate a Web site.

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