Curriculum Guides:
Numerous curriculum guides have been written to supplement math and science programs in grades K-12. These guides provide background information and hands-on activities related to various space topics.  Examples of these educator's guides can be seen at Spacelink

NASA Video Duplication:
We will duplicate selections of your choice with a combined length of no more than two hours (120 minutes) per videotape. Videos are available on a "cost recovery" basis of $10.00 plus tax.  This cost includes the blank videocassette, copy time, postage/handling, and any printed material that accompanies the videos.  Ordering Info. 

Presenting Educational Workshops: 
Hands-on workshops can be arranged for pre-service and inservice teachers. These workshops feature NASA print and multimedia materials in the areas of math, science and technology. Call (304) 243-4416 or email for further information.

Archived Resource Materials:
Files of print materials, CD's & Internet access are available to use in the resource room. 


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