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Estimating Area/Efficiency of Agricultural Forested Lands
Agricultural efficiency is measured in tons of crops per acre. Achieving a high agricultural efficiency requires intensive labor or extensive use of machines, advanced farming techniques, fertilizer, use of high-yield seed, etc. So high agricultural efficiency indicates that a nation is wealthy or has a large industrial capacity. Compare the agricultural efficiency of North and South Korea with the efficiency of industrialized nations such as the U.S. or Germany and the efficiency of developing nations such as Brazil or Mexico.

You can use the Land Use Map to find the area of land devoted to different agricultural uses in Korea. The map shows three different types of agricultural land use: dry-field farming, wet-field farming, and forestry. To measure the area of a specific land use type

  1. Download TIFF version, PICT version of the Land Use map.
  2. Set Scale using the scale bar. This will allow you to measure areas directly in either square miles or kilometers.
  3. Select Analyze/Options to get Options dialog box. Select Area and anything else you might think useful.
  4. Select Density Slice and use the slider tool to highlight the area of interest in red.
  5. Use the Freehand Selection tool to outline the geographical area of interest such as South Korea.
  6. Select Analyze/Measure and then Analyze/Show Result to get the Results Table, which shows the area of the highlighted pixels within the selected area.

Repeat steps (4) - (6) to find the area of any other land use type that is of interest to you.

To determine agricultural efficiency, you will need to look up information about agricultural or forestry production for North or South Korea. Then divide the production in tons by the appropriate measured area in acres to obtain the agricultural efficiency. It might be of interest to compare agricultural efficiencies of land use in both North and South Korea.

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