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Image of a map showing North Korea and South Korea.  This image links to a more detailed image.Korea Today
Korea, a nation about the size of the state of Utah, is located on a peninsula jutting southward from the east coast of Asia. This map shows some of the principal cities, rivers, and mountains of Korea. To see a full-scale version, click on the image. The land is inhabited by the Korean People, almost unmixed with any other ethnic groups. Long unified and peaceful, Korea today is a divided land, its people split between antagonistic governments: the communist North and the capitalist South. Even the flags of the respective countries show their differences. The flag of the North features the Red Star of Communism, while the flag of the South features ancient philosophical symbols. The circular "TaeGuk" symbolizes the harmonious state of yin and yang, and the four "Kwe" symbols represent heaven, fire, water and earth.

A complete study of Korea is the work of a lifetime. Only short introductions to a few facets of Korea today are presented here:

The Land of Korea: climate, topography, geography, and images on the ground and from space
The People of Korea: ethnography, population, demography, and distribution
The Economy: industry, resources, agriculture, growth
Current World Relations: the two Koreas in the world community

You can learn much more about Korea by searching encyclopedias and reference books in your school and local libraries. Good references are A Handbook of Korea (mostly for South Korea), printed by the Korean Overseas Information Service and the CIA World Fact Book. You may also search the Internet. One particularly useful site is A Kids Educational Guide on S. Korea. Extensive up-to-date information about the government, philosophy, and economy can be found at Korea Net sites. Information about current events can be found by searching online news services and archives.

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