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Hurricane Watch

Hurricane Tracking
Your weather group has been contracted to track an actual hurricane. Using remote-sensing images from the NOAA weather satellites, you will plot the hurricane's progress on a chart and make predictions about its landfall. (This activity needs to be scheduled over several days due to the actual length of time a hurricane runs its course.) In preparation, your group should   

1. Make a list of what you already know about how hurricanes travel.   

2. Make a list of what your group will need to know about hurricanes in order to predict when the next one will hit land.  
3. Make a list of what your group will need to do in order to get the information you need.   

4.  Print the Hurricane Tracking Chart 

Options: Instead of the Hurricane Tracking Chart, Macintosh Users may elect to track hurricanes using the McHurricane software.  

Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 Users may elect to track  hurricanes using Tracking The Eye.

5. Using information at the Internet  sites listed on the Hurricane Information Resources page, look for tropical weather systems that have the potential to become hurricanes, or look for existing hurricanes.  

6. For each hurricane  or potential hurricane, use the experience you gained from the Team Training Activities—along with the information you found on the Internet— to 

    a. track the course of the weather system or hurricane; and,  

    b. determine (with or without image processing software) the location and forward speed of the weather system or hurricane; and 

    c.  predict where and when the weather system or hurricane will come ashore.

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