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Tracking Hurricane Andrew (1992)  
Practice tracking Hurricane Andrew's location, forward speed, and direction of movement using (1) a tracking chart and center coordinates (latitude and longitude) for a storm, and (2)  images that can be viewed with or without image processing software.   
1. Print the Hurricane Tracking Chart and see tracking information to view coordinates for Hurricane Andrew. 

Options: Instead of the Hurricane Tracking Chart, 
Macintosh Users may elect to track Hurricane Andrew using the McHurricane software.  

Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 Users may elect to track Hurricane Andrew using Tracking The Eye.

2.  Download the twelve satellite (GOES 7) images of Andrew. These images can be viewed with image processing software like NIH Image or merely with an image viewer like JPEGView.   

The images were taken at 6-hour intervals. Image number 01 was taken at 2:00 AM Daylight Saving Time (DST), Sunday, August 23; image number 12 was taken at 8:00 PM DST, Tuesday, August 25. 

  • How far (in pixels) did Andrew move from image 04 to image 07? 
  • How much distance does each pixel of this image represent?  
  • What is the actual distance Andrew traveled on the surface of the earth--in kilometers, in nautical miles? 
  • Now that you know how many kilometers Andrew traveled between images 04 and 07, figure his average speed in kilometers per hour. 
  • Describe the direction of movement of Andrew between images 05 and 06.

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