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Image of a fish.The scarcity of clean surface water was once a concern primarily of state and federal agencies. Recently it has attracted the attention of local communities. Community members are turning to environmental consulting companies such as yours for advice. Your company - Earth, Wind, and Water, Inc. - has helped many public agencies and private businesses in the small town of Oak View. Earth, Wind, and Water, Inc. monitors environmental quality. It develops practices that environmentally and economically benefit Oak View.

Your newest client, Mr. Charles Taylor, owns Taylor's Trout-A-Rama. Taylor's Trout-A-Rama is a local streamside catch-and-release campsite. Mr. Taylor is upset over the fact that the fish in that stretch of Bear Creek have been dying. His buisness, like the trout, is going belly-up. He has called on your firm to figure out what is killing the fish in that section of Bear Creek, and how to stop it.

 Image of a person cleaning fish on a boat.

Preliminary fieldwork has been done on Bear Creek and is available for your analysis. Photos 1999


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