Eruption Type(s)

No. of Eruptions
(in Past 200 Years)


Remarks about Activity of the Last 10,000 Years

Mount Baker ash, lava 1? mid-1800s, 1870?,
1975 stream emission
debris avalanches and lahars have flowed down the Nooksack Baker, and Skagit Rivers
 Glacier Peak ash 1+ ?  before 1800 lahars have extended more than 60 mi (100 km) down the Skagit River; pyroclastic flows produced several times
Mount Rainier ash, lava 1? X tephra between 1820-1854  enormous debris avalanches and lahars flowed down the White, Puyallup, and Nisqually Rivers; smaller lahars in the Cowlitz basin; continued seismic activity
Mount St. Helens ash, lava, dome  2 major eruptive periods 1980-present history of explosive eruptions and lahars 
Indian Heaven volcanic field lava, scoria none  8,000 years ago? consists of seven minor shield volcanoes that have each erupted only once (?)
Mount Adams lava, ash none 3,500 years ago lahars
Mount Hood, Oregon ash, dome 2+ ? 1865; major eruption in the late 1700s  lahars down the Sandy and Hood Rivers; modern glacial outburst floods; seismic swarms continue.
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