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Mr. President, when you showed us the reading question from Charlotte's Web, I realized what we do as teachers every day in the primary grades makes the difference in a child's life and the child's education. I know that the work that we do at our school at Lost Creek will help our students to be able to answer this type of question by grade 4.

I'd like to tell you a little bit what we do at Lost Creek Elementary School. We work hard; we use some well-known strategies such as reading recovery, which is a one-on-one early intervention program. We teach through thematic programs and writing activities.

Our program also includes our parents in activities with their children. For example, yesterday at our school, parents were given information on reading, along with playing Bingo for books. Students and their parents received free books. Parent involvement is very important in the education of our children. We have set high standards for our students and our parents. We have found great success in our reading program.

Our standardized test scores at our school over the last five years have steadily improved. One of the reasons that our school has been able to have a successful reading program is because of the Title I funding and the flexibility that it's allowed us. We would like to thank you for your support in the Title I program. But I would also like to ask what other type of programs you are supporting that would help our schools in the future.


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