A QuickTime VR of the BioBLAST Lunar Base Modules.

Apple QuickTime VR is a cross-platform technology that allows the viewer to change the point of view of the photograph. *

You can look up and down, turn around, zoom in to see detail, or zoom out for a broader view. In order to view the BioBLAST Lunar Base Lab panoramic photo you will need to

  • Download QuickTime and QTVR player for your Windows or Macintosh computer. *
  • Configure the player for your Windows or Macintosh web browser.
  • Ready to run QuickTime VR?, Download any of the BioBLAST lunar base modules below.

    Lunar Base (11.5mb) This is the entire lunar base containing all the facilities you'll be using during your stay on the moon. It contains the space ship, three chambers (Control Center, Laboratory, and Crew Quarters), and the connecting tunnels. You can go anywhere you want in the base, and there are 17 locations for you to explore in detail. Click here to see an overhead view of the base layout.

    Space Ship (673kb) This is the ship that brought you to the moon. Here you'll find introductory materials, including the mission briefing, a tour of the lunar base, introductory readings, and the Tons O' TYNS game.

    Control Center (674kb) The Control Center is where life support systems are controlled and monitored. Here you'll be able to monitor environmental conditions, access BioBLAST Web pages, and design and test your own bioregenerative life support system.

    Laboratory (678kb) The Laboratory is where you'll conduct your research activities. It contains suggestions for hands-on laboratory investigations, computer simulators for conducting additional investigations, and lots of information on research topics related to building and maintaining an advanced life support system.

    Crew Quarters (674kb) The Crew Quarters is where you'll spend your free time. It includes entertainment for those long lunar nights, information about storing and preparing food in space, and a timeline on the history of life support research.

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