BioBLAST Software Overview

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Sample screen shots from the BioBLAST Lunar Base Modules.


What would it be like to live and work on a lunar base? The BioBLAST software provides lunar explorers with a realistic environment for serious scientific work, not to mention all the comforts of home.

The detailed graphical interface comes alive through the power of virtual reality. QuickTime VR technology simulates movement from one part of the base to another. "Hot spots" throughout the program link users to information and tools.



Maintaining a dependable link with planet Earth will be vital to the success of future lunar base missions. The BioBLAST software incorporates this essential feature by providing students with a link to the World Wide Web.






The BioBLAST program offers students an opportunity to link with NASA scientists and engineers as they investigate the issues that will make sustained life beyond Earth a reality. Student researchers will examine a variety of scientific issues in plant production, human requirements, and resource recycling.






Plants play a vital role in the lunar base--refreshing the air, purifying the water, and providing food for the crew. As part of their BioBLAST mission, students will adjust plant growth conditions in environmentally-controlled growth chambers to achieve optimal crop production to meet crew needs.




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