Lab Report Sample: The Effects of Exercise on Respiration and Pulse Rate

I. Teacher or Student

Rachel Diss, Melissa Patterson, DeNita Bitzer

II. School Name

Mt. de Chantal Academy

III. E-mail Address

Not Available

IV.Title of Experiment

The Effects of Exercise on Respiration and Pulse Rate

V. Problem

Does exercising have an effect on breathing and pulse rate?

VI. Hypothesis

After exercising, you will increase your breathing and pulse rate.

VII. Equipment/Apparatus

paper, pen or pencil, watch with second hand, computers

VIII. Methods/Procedures

exactly as in handout

IX. Results (data)


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2. Graphs

3. Brief summary statement describing trends or averages

The t-test for breaths per minute is 0.000046554, and the t-test for pulse rates per minute is 0.00000118113. This shows that both the pulse rates and breathing rates increased after exercise.

X. Discussion of Results

1. Significance of Results

A significant difference was found.

2. Applications to Advanced Life Support (ALS) Research

The breaths per minute in the experiment related to the amount of oxygen we will require on the mission. We would have to think about the amount of exercise that we would do on the mission, because in the experiment, we required more oxygen after we exercised. Like in the experiment, different people required different amounts of oxygen. On the mission, we would have to take into consideration that each person would need different amounts of oxygen.

In BaBS, most of our difficulties were with running out of food and having too much carbon dioxide.

3. Future Experiments

If exercise affects moisture from perspiration on the moon

XI. Conclusion

If you exercise, your breathing will increase and so will your pulse rate. The data supported our hypothesis that after exercising you will increase your breathing and pulse rate.

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