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Overview of Teacher Resources

The BioBLAST project has relied on teacher support and feedback during the early prototype testing and formative evaluation. This program would not look or function as it does had it not been for the teachers who participated in our design and development process. These BioBLAST teacher leaders came from diverse geographic and socio-economic school environments, and their contributions reflected this diversity. We hope that the BioBLAST program will be used by teachers in all areas of the United States. Through the BioBLAST CD-ROM, Web site, Teacher Guide, and listserve, we will try to help new teachers successfully incorporate this program into their unique classroom settings.

Over the three-year development cycle it became clear that certain topics, which came up often in discussions, were important to our teacher leaders. We have listed these topics in the sidebar. Each is linked to materials and tips—many from teachers who have used BioBLAST. We hope that new teachers will use this section of our Web site to access these tips, and that they will add their own insignts to the others as they incorporate BioBLAST into their curricula.

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