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Suggested Sequence

During the development of BioBLAST, we worked with NASA scientists and science teachers from throughout the United States, getting feedback on the simulation exercises, laboratory experiments, paper-and-pencil exercises, and reading materials. Using this feedback, we sequenced these activities in a way we felt would most benefit the student.

If you are using BioBLAST for the first time, reviewing this suggested sequence will help you see how to adapt the materials to your technology resources and class schedule. Once you are familiar with the materials, you may want to develop a sequence that fits your particular school's goals for science, math, and technology curricula.

BioBLAST is a versatile program. It may be inserted at any point in the high school biology curriculum. Some teachers use the program intermittently throughout the year. Below you will find one complete sequence and four BioBLAST "samplers," for those of you who don't have as much time to devote to BioBLAST.

  • Suggested Sequence (430 k)

  • Sampler 1 (Not available yet)

  • Sampler 2 (Not available yet)

  • Sampler 3 (Not available yet)

  • Sampler 4 (Not available yet)

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