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Below are links to Web Sites relevant to the goals of the Exploring the Environment™ project.

General References was prepared for an ETE Teachers Workshop during the summer of 1995, complied by Martin Ruzek

General References
Earth System Science Online

NASA's Earth Science Enterprise

Earth System Science Education Program Collection of Resources

Internet Search Engines

The Yahoo Directory

Xerox PARC Map Viewer

The Earth System Diagram
Simplified Bretherton Diagram

Bretherton Diagram in Color

The El Niño Phenomenon
ESRG (Earth Space Research Group)

NOAA's El Niño Theme Page

Live Access to Climate Data

The TOMS Home Page

Maps of Recent Earthquakes
Recent Global Events

Earthquake Hazards in OR and WA

ESE Gallery of Images

Observatorium, Fairmont, WV

Additional Sites
NASA Spacelink

Bad Science (Alistair Fraser, Penn State)

Explorer Science Resources

The GLOBE Program

GLOBE Visualizations

JASON Project

Project GeoSim

Satellite State Vector Data

Other Places to Go for Images
Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) Images

SIR-C/X-SAR Space Radar Images of Earth

Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) Data

Earth Observation Photos from the Space Shuttle

NASA Press Release Photos

The Earth Observatorium CD-ROM - The STS-59 Mission Photos

ETE Environmental Hotlist contains sites that deal with sensitive environmental issues such as thermal pollution, endangered species, and habitat destruction.

All Envriomental Web Resources


Earth Science in the Public Service

Earth System Science Education

Earth Viewer



EE-LINK - Environmental Education on the Web



Global Warming Update

LDEO Climate Group

Live From Antarctica




NSF Geosciences Unidata Intergrated Earth Information Server (IEIS)

SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography

SOEST WWW Services

Southeast Regional Climate Center

Sustainable Earth Electronic Library

United Nations Environment Programme/Grid

United Staes Geological Survey

UOFI - The Daily Planet

Using Computers in Environmental Education

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Oceanography

ETE Remote-Sensing Hotlist will familiarize you with the different kinds of remote-sensing image types (IR, AVHRR, SIR-C, SAR, RADAR, visible) and the satellites or aircraft that carried the sensors (GOES, LANDSAT, SPOT).

About the Data Zoo


Australian Oceanographic Data Centre


AVHRR 10-Day Composite

AVHRR Pathfinder

Center for Coastal Studies, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Data Assimilation Office -- NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Data Catalog

Earth Observing System

Earth Scan Laboratory


Environmental Modeling and Visualization with Grass GIS


EOS Project Science Office

EOSDIS EDC Land Processes DAAC



ESRG Gateway

Geochange Data Holdings


Goddard DAAC

Grass Info

Hawaii from Space

Imaging Systems Laboratory

Information for a Changing World (Classroom Earth)

International Arctic Buoy Program (IABP/PSC/APL-UW/US)

IONIA "1 KM AVHRR Global Land Data Set" Net-Browser

Live Acess to Climate Data

Mountain Gorilla Protection

NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Home Page

National GeoPhysical Data Center


NEMO - Oceanographic Data Server (SIO)


NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC

NOAA/NASA AVHRR Oceans Pathfinder


NSSDC CD-Rom Catalog - December 1994

Oak Ridge NL DAAC



SAST - Upper Mississippi River Cartographic Products

Satellite Active Archive

Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images


SIR-C/X-SAR Images

SOEST Satellite Oceanography Laboratory

Solid Earth Geophysics

Space Telescope Electronic Information Service

TOGA COARE Information Services Web Site


Welcome: Global Change Master Directory


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution HTTP Server

Satellites and Remote Sensing is another excellent list of environmental and remote-sensing resources.

Suburban Water Testing Lab
Commercial site with good water testing information. There is also a lab tour that shows all the equipment used in labs today for water testing.

Water Resource Monitoring
Great site, shows Kentucky students testing water quality throughout state.

EPA Office of Water

Univeristy of Washington

GOES Project

Multi-spec uses - data gathering and displaying weather

Princeton Earth Physics Project
Earthquake seismographs

Southern Arizona Seismic Observatory
Arizona Pepp - Earthquake Arizona geosciences

Journey North
Interactive program which deals with animal migration

Radar Imagery

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing

PCI Geomatics

IKONOS Space Imaging

SPOT Image Corp

Cornell Andes Project

AVHRR Land Pathfinder

Oceans Pathfinder


Satellite Data (surface topography)

SeaWIFS Project Image Archive
phytoplankton, temperature, etc.

JPL Picture Archive

National Space Science Data Center

Forest Land Distribution Data

Xerox PARC Map Viewer

Color Landform Atlas of the USA

commercial site

US Geological Survey
water data, geology, etc.

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