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Your Challenge
Now test your skills of observation. If you look carefully at the image, you can see reddish volcanic rock extending some distance away from the crater rim (especially to the upper right). These rocks were blasted there when the crater was active. Measure the distance of the edge of the blasted material from the center of the crater and then measure the diameter of Diamond Head crater. Find a map of your neighborhood and imagine placing the center of the crater on your school. Determine how large the crater is compared to your school. Estimate how much of your school and neighborhood would have been destroyed by flying volcanic rock had the volcano erupted under the Principal's office!

There is another volcanic crater in the Honolulu image. See if you can find it and measure its size and area.

Now that your mind is aflame with the attainment of computer enlightenment, there are endless measurements to be made! How far must Dad walk to finish his game of golf? What is the area of the parking lot at the shopping center? How many cars can be parked there? How far out do the coral reefs extend into the ocean? (They are the light blue areas in the water.) Can you surf that far? How far must the ghost of King Kamehameha float from Iolani Palace to see a presentation at the University of Hawaii about his bloody battles of conquest? How many people will he scare to death getting there? More, more, more...!

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