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Your Situation
Image of Waikiki Beach and part of downtown Honolulu. This image links to a larger image.Left: This aerial photograph shows Waikiki Beach and part of downtown Honolulu. The pink building next to the beach at left center is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Photo: Courtesy of S.K. Croft.

You and your family have won an all-expense paid trip to America's Paradise: beautiful Hawaii! You wake up on your first day in your room in the famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel right on Waikiki Beach. After an early morning swim in the crashing Pacific surf, everybody is ready to see the sights of Honolulu!

What will it be? A visit to Iolani Palace, the residence of Hawaii's royal rulers when Hawaii was a kingdom? A reverent visit to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at the Punchbowl? Or a leisurely stroll through Kapiolani Park?

Nah! Dad wants to go golfing at the Waialae Country Club. Mom wants to go back out on the beach, and you want to SPEND(!) at the Ala Moana shopping center. Unfortunately, there's only one rental car, and Dad wants it. Questions fly back and forth. Can I have the car? Do you really need it? How much are you planning on buying? Can you walk to the shopping center? Can Dad ride a bus to the golf course? Desperately you wonder if it would be worth trading a month's worth of washing dishes back home for the use of the car. To resolve this family quandary, you need to find out just how far is it to the exotic parking lots of Ala Moana or the beflagged greens of Waialae. But how?

Fortunately, you have what you need right in your hotel room (this is a very progressive hotel!): a high-powered computer with NIH Image already loaded on the hard drive, and a digital aerial image of Honolulu that shows your targets for the day. You can use the measurement tools in NIH Image to find the distance to the golf course, the shopping center, or anyplace else you might want to visit. (Since you need to leave your web browser to use NIH Image, you should print out the instructions in the next section.)

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