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Geographic & Remote Sensing Information
In the last few years civil leaders and scientists have increasingly recognized the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as an effective way to understand and deal with ecological and political problems around the world. A GIS can be defined in many ways, but at its simplest, a GIS is a collection of different digitized data sets that are related to the same geographic location on Earth. The data sets may include satellite images, aerial photographs, and/or maps showing political boundaries, vegetation cover, city streets, water pipes under the streets, etc. A GIS is usually stored on a computer system that allows an individual to display and analyze the data in an integrated way.

To help you understand the problems and challenges of the Virunga area, we have provided three small GIS sets. The first set gives information on the continental scale, looking at Central and East Africa. The second set looks at the regional scale, the nation of Rwanda and its neighbors. The third set looks at the local scale, the Virunga Mountains and their immediate surroundings. This set includes both maps and different types of remote sensing images of the area. The fourth link, Remote Sensing, provides additional data and directions on how to do some image and GIS analyses that may be useful to you in understanding this remote corner of the world.

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