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Yellowstone Information: Maps and Movies
Here is some basic information on the Yellowstone case. Additional useful information can be found around this Internet site. You may wish to search for other online home pages for more about Yellowstone. You may want to start here.

The Yellowstone "Hot Spot" map of the American Northwest shows the trail of volcanic structures leading to the present Yellowstone Caldera at right center. The ages of the calderas in the chain are shown in millions of years. The Yellowstone Caldera is only 0.6 million years old. The Columbia Flood basalts formed at the same time the chain started and probably resulted from the initial contact of the plume with Earth's surface.

The area and extent of the current uplift are shown on the Yellowstone Uplift map.

The surface location of recent earthquakes and new hot springs around the park can be seen on the Yellowstone Seismic map.

Yellowstone Seismic movie. image 1 | image 2 | image 3

This short sequence shows the locations of underground earthquakes that trace the motion of the magma.
Note: You must have NIH Image installed and configured to work with Netscape before this will work.

You may want to look at the topography of the Yellowstone area on the Wyoming and Idaho Topographic maps. However, the Yellowstone Caldera does not really show up on the maps, because it is mostly buried by its own lavas.

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