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AFSEEE Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, a group of employees of the U.S. Forest Service who do not agree with many of the current (1997) management policies of that agency.
APC Alaska Pulp Corporation.
board foot A measure of wood equal to the volume of a board 12x12x1 inches (144 cubic inches).
cant A log partially or completely cut square along its length.
clearcut A process in which all of the trees in a given area are logged.
chips The cutting, usually of a softwood log, into small pieces. The first step in making pulp for paper.
dimension lumber Wood that is cut in a sawmill with some degree of accuracy in width and thickness. The length will vary to suit the user.
export To sell a product or service to another country.
finished lumber Wood with the final surface appearance (natural or artificial) appropriate to its intended use.
hardwood The hard, compact wood of deciduous trees - ones that lose their leaves in autumn.
industrial logging A term that implies large scale logging. Virtually all trees in an area are cut down. Sometimes the smaller diameter trees or damaged trees are left behind on the ground.
integrated forest company A company organized to cut timber, haul it to its mills, and manufacture lumber and plywood and/or pulp and paper, as the market demands.
KPC Ketchikan Pulp Company
MCM Million cubic meters. Another common way of measuring the amount of timber cut for lumber or for chips.
multiple use In theory, the management of a forest area not only for its wood, but also for wildlife and habitat, recreational potential, mining rights and possibly grazing areas, scenic areas, etc. The avowed policy of the U.S. National Forest Service.
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement.
old growth There is no agreed-upon definition of this term.
peeler A log considered suitable in quality and size such that the wood can be cut into a veneer (usually for plywood) by rotary cutting.
pulp A soft, wet mass of wood fibers, barely sticking together. Used to make paper.
raw log The trunk of a cut tree, with or without its bark, usually in lengths of 16 to 40 feet.
regeneration rate The time required, or decided upon, for the renewal of a stand of timber by natural or artificial means.
roundwood A felled tree, trimmed of its branches and bark, and cut into lengths of the appropriate size.
second growth The next generation of trees after "old growth" trees are cut. May have been reforested naturally or by human beings.
slash All of the branches, small cut trees, and other plant debris left on the forest floor after the timber has been removed.
softwood Coniferous (cone - bearing) evergreen trees commonly but not always with needle-like leaves. Cones bear naked seeds.
stumpage The value of standing timber. A harvesting company typically pays a stumpage fee (a percentage of the estimated value) to be able to cut timber on the land of another.
sustained yield Ideally, a situation where the amount of wood cut in a forest area over a year would be equaled by the new growth of the remaining trees.
subsidy A grant of money or a credit given by a government to a private commercial company.
tariff A charge, similar to a tax, imposed by one country on the import or export of goods of another country.
temperate rain forest Any forest in the mid-latitudes that receives more than 50 to 60 inches ( 127 - 152 cm. ) of rainfall a year.
tenure - tenured lands In British Columbia, this is an exclusive license/contract for a company to log trees in an area for a time, typically between 20 and 30 years, and is renewable. In BC, approximately 95 percent of the land is owned and controlled by the Province. It is called Crown land.
tree farm An area planted by a governmental agency, a private company, or an individual, usually limited to one or a few fast-growing species, typically to be harvested on a short cycle of 40 to 80 years.
value-added The manufacturing of specific finished products, in this case, made out of wood, rather than selling raw logs or wood chips. Examples would include furniture, baseball bats, wooden bowls for tableware, sculptures. etc.
watershed All the land area drained by a major stream and its tributaries. On a smaller scale, all the land drained by a stream.

If you have other terminology questions, check a university library for a copy of Ford-Robertson, F.C. [Ed.]. (1993) Terminology of forest science technology, practice and products. Bethesda, MD: Society of American Foresters.

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