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The Internet offers a wealth of information on a multitude of topics. Search engines are an internet tool used to search the WWW for specified information. Search engines, however, can provide numerous "matches" that are of little use to you. You can decrease the number of irrelevant matches by using topic-specific words. Some search engines allow you to further narrow your search with the use of a search syntax.
MetaCrawler is one such search engine.

MetaCrawler is a search engine of search engines. After you have identified the specific words you want to research, you can refine your search by using MetaCrawler's advanced search syntax. You can specify that a series of words be treated as a "string" by enclosing them within quotation marks. You can also specify words that must appear as well as those that must not appear by prefixing them with a plus sign or a minus sign.

In the following example, pages will be selected if they contain the string "rain forest climates" and the word temperate and not the word tropical:

"rain forest climates" -tropical +temperate

Once you have refined your search parameters, MetaCrawler activates six other major search engines and compiles from each a list of the ten most relevant matches.

The ETE team has complied the following list of links for you.
Internet Links to Southeast Alaska

Southeast Alaska: general geographic description

Southeast Alaska Conservation Coalition

Tongass National Forest: excellent overview of the issues surrounding the use of this forest

An on-line magazine by people in favor of using the resources of the Tongass National Forest

A good introductory site for southeast Alaska

"Protecting Southeast Alaska's Tongass National Forest" photos and links

Recreational opportunities in the Tongass National Forest

Recreational use of the Tongass National Forest

An overview of the Tongass National Forest with excellent photos

Internet Links on British Columbia
The site for the Forest Alliance of British Columbia, an organization composed of forestry companies working to balance environment and economy

Internet Links on Washington
Topographic map of Washington (select Washington)

The Washington Forest Protection Association, a site run by the owners of Washington's private forest owners, containing largely recreational information

The Olympic Peninsula: excellent topographic map

The Olympic Peninsula: a crude road map

Olympic National Park: general information on the national park

Olympic National Park, the National Park System site

Olympic National Park: leads to the Quinault Valley Page

Olympic National Forest: ecosystems

Quinault Valley Rain Forest write-up

Alpine Lakes Wildernes

"War of the Woods," an article in the Seattle Times about the Olympic National Forest

"Battle for Balance," an article in the Seattle Times about the environmental conflicts in this region

Internet Links to Oregon
Oregon: excellent topographic map (select Oregon)

The Long Term Ecological Research Program, LTER Network Office - University of Washington ,

Internet Links to Northern California
Topographic map of northern California (select northern California)

California's disappearing old-growth redwoods

The Coast redwoods and coastal ecology

A Coast Redwoods Primer: answers to many questions and

Forestry - The Redwoods: excellent forestry images

Forestry images of our whole problem area

Redwoods National Park information and also

Internet Links to Pacific Northwest
Ecotrust: an emerging leader in the field of conservation-based development


The Electronic Drummer: environmental policy studies and databases

Web of Life: Exploring biodiversity

Internet Links to U. S. National Forests
USDA Forest Service National HQ (Home Page)

USDA Forest Inventory Data Forever

Land Areas of the National Forest System

USFS Description of the Ecoregions of the U.S.

U.S. Forests in a Global Context

In general

Internet Links to Various Groups
Lighthawk Image gallery.

The Wilderness Society

Best of the Web: GPS 

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