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Temperate Rainforest: Vancouver Island
The Coastal Douglas Fir Zone in BC

The coastal Douglas-fir zone, its ancient forest now about 99 percent destroyed, once dominated a thin strip of land along the southeast coast of Vancouver Island and on many islands off shore. 1996. Edwards, Y. British Columbia. In R. Kirk (Ed.), The Enduring Forests. Seattle: The Mountaineers, p. 117.

An Introduction to Clayoquot Sound
The Clayoquot Sound bioregion may be divided into two general physiographic regions: the Estevan Coastal Plain and the Vancouver Island Mountains.

The Estevan Coastal plain consists of gently undulating or almost flat land that is subdivided into numerous islands and peninsulas by inlets, channels, and Kennedy Lake. The continuity of the plain is further broken by steep, rocky hills, some of which--such as Meares Island--are outliers of the mountains.

The Vancouver Island Mountains are steep and highly dissected, with sharp ridgetops and only very small remnants of the gently sloping uplands that are widespread on other parts of Vancouver Island. Valleys are deep, glacially eroded troughs, with gentle slopes restricted to valley floors. In the inland parts of the main drainage basins, ridgetops commonly rise to over 1000 metres, while the peaks attain heights of more than 1300 metres.

The Sierra Club of British Columbia has a site with information on the temperate rainforest in Clayoquot Sound and other parts of British Columbia.

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