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Wheeling Creek Case Study: Name That Pollutant
Like many waterways, Wheeling Creek has its share of pollution. The following table contains data collected from two sites along Wheeling Creek. Based on this information, can you determine what problems, if any, are present at these sites? To check your answers, click on the appropriate site number in the data table below.




0.005 EPT Index 0.017
0.416 Shannon Index of Diversity 1.003
8.11 pH 8.12
1.468 µohms conductivity 0.536 µohms
4.85 ppm dissolved oxygen 5.91 ppm
256 ppm alkalinity 224 ppm
530 ppm hardness 205 ppm
1 stream order 2
64 catchment area 499
231 km2 elevation 281 km2
12.7 °C water temperature 20.7 °C
17.4 °C air temperature 19.5 °C
1 m stream width 1.2 m
0.09 m average depth 0.04 m
0.12 m maximum depth 0.08 m
0.17 m/s minimum velocity 0.23 m/s
0.21 m/s average velocity 0.24 m/s
0.24 m/s maximum velocity 0.24 m/s
90% shaded forest canopy 55% shaded
14.76 cm2 minimum rock size 19.24 cm2
34.64 cm2 average rock size 50.32 cm2
73.63 cm2 maximum rock size 160.48 cm2


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