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Guiding COTF's mission to provide products and services to learning communities are the following beliefs:

  • When used intelligently, technology-based curricula can advance learning and can foster profound changes in the nature of learning, teaching, assessment, and learning environments.
  • All technology-based curricula must provide training and technical assistance to teachers.
  • Current educational research into teaching and learning provides a theoretical base upon which to improve education.
  • Technological applications in education should consider individual and cultural differences in learners, and should provide increased opportunities for women, minorities, and the disabled.
  • Increased opportunites for successful participation in COTF programs must be provided to women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.
  • Development of products and services should be guided by the standards of the National Council of Teachers Mathematics (NCTM), the National Research Council (NRC), and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).
  • COTF will succeed in its mission only by collaborating and cooperating with the educational community, NASA personnel and programs, and business and industry.

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