Virtual Design Center
Researchers at the NASA Classroom of the FutureTM (COTF) are developing the Virtual Design Center to provide research-based educational technology design guidelines.

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COTF streams NASA TV over the Internet. Visit our NASA TV page for more information.

The COTF research team has four purposes:

  • to help COTF product developers incorporate the latest educational and psychological research findings into all aspects of the instructional design process;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of COTF products for teaching and learning;
  • to examine the impact of COTF products on students' attitudes towards science, understanding of science concepts, and ability to solve complex, real-world problems; and,
  • to develop and test new theories related to cognitive psychology, active learning methodologies and collaborative problem solving.

Much of COTF's research data is collected in classrooms nationwide, using innovative measurement methods to assure that COTF products meet national standards for science learning.

Research Papers
Research papers on COTF and other Center for Educational Technologies programs are found at the CET Research page.

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