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The NASA Classroom of the Future™ (COTF) engages students in "real science" by presenting them with actual problems currently under investigation in various science disciplines. In attempting to solve these problems, students may access the same datasets used by practicing researchers. The COTF products described below use these reality-based approaches. In their design and testing, all the products involved teachers and students from across the United States.


Astronomy Village: Investigating the Solar System

Students play real-world scientists in seven investigations as they search for life in the solar system or probe the mysteries of Pluto.

Grades 5-7

Astronomy Village: Investigating the Universe

Students explore the latest in interstellar happenings through 10 multimedia investigations.

Grades 9-12


At a simulated lunar research facility, learners design and test a plant-based, self-contained life-support system that can sustain a crew of six for three years.

Grades 9-12


Does extraterrestrial life exist? Students try to answer that question as they learn contemporary astrobiology in virtual journeys reflecting past and future NASA missions.

Grades 7-9

Free Web-Based Programs

Exploring the Environment

Students tackle real-world environmental dilemmas in 25 award-winning modules and activities, ranging from the shrinking habitat of Rwandan gorillas to disappearing rain forests.

Grades K-12

International Space Station Challenge™

Learners experience space station design, construction, and research through hands-on and computer-based simulations. A newsletter covers the latest happenings. (More Activities)

Grades 6-12



An air show and fireworks display are planned. Will the weather cooperate? You'll be the meteorologist who makes the call.

Grades 4-6

Lewis and Clark: Exploring the Possibilities™

Make history come alive with this interactive simulation that takes you on the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery. An artifact barrel, technology enhanced learning, videoconferencing and more.

Grades 3-6

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