There are many sites that can help you and your students find meaningful information about the Global Perspectives regions and about Social Studies in general. Many sites have their own teacher pages that can provide creative ideas for classroom activities.

Newspaper Links
E&P Media Links
Browse newspaper sites by regional map.

Online Foreign Newspapers
Foreign newspapers printed in English.

IPL Reading Room Newspapers
Search the Internet Public Library Online Newspapers Collection.

Political Cartoons
Teacher's Guide for the Professional Cartoonist
This Teacher's Guide is for using the Professional Cartoonists Index Web site in your classes. This site is a unique resource with the largest collection of newspaper editorial cartoons on the Web.

Still Current (political cartoons)
Access a political cartoon on Israel.

Views of the World
Weekly selection of editorial cartoons on major issues from around the globe.

Chapette The Editorial Cartoon Site
Editorial cartoons on World Affairs - Updated every Thursday.

Daily Updating Political Cartoons by All the Best Newspaper Editorial Cartoonists in the World.

Violence Prevention
LCJP Homepage
LCJP is a community-based project in Colorado that uses a restorative justice model to provide alternative methods of dispute resolution to address the needs of victims, offenders, and the community.

Welcome to Teaching Peace
A Not For Profit Agency dedicated to fostering attitudes, skills, and opportunities for living peacefully with self, others, and the

Web Info
Mathew Gilbert Internet Orientation
For those who are just learning how to use the Internet, we hope these tips will help you. 

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Critical Evaluation  
With the advent of the World Wide Web and the huge amount of information that is contained there, students need to be able to critically evaluate a Web page for authenticity, applicability, authorship, bias, and usability.

Social Studies and Geography Teaching
International Society for Technology in Education
Our mission is to help K-12 classroom teachers and administrators share effective methods for enhancing student learning through the use of new classroom technologies.

Social Studies Sources
This page is designed primarily for K-12 social studies teachers and students. It also has information and topics that are useful to pre-service social studies instructors and students.

Vote Smart Classroom
Your Guide to Smart Voting: what it means, why it's important, and how to do it.

Social The Information Service
The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to provide leadership, service, and support for all social studies educators.

Education World: Where Educators Go To Learn
Founders of Education world created a search engine for educational Web sites only, a place where educators could find information without searching the entire Internet.

Awesome Library K-12 Education Directory
Awesome Library organizes the Web with 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5% in education.

Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
Dr. Marty Levine, Professor of Secondary Education, California State University, Northridge (CSUN), has gathered lesson plans and resources from the Internet that social studies teachers will find useful.

Blue Web'n
Welcome to Blue Web'n: a library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the Web.

CIA World Factbook 1998
Intelligence is information that has been collected, integrated, evaluated, analyzed, and interpreted. Finished intelligence is the final product of the Intelligence Cycle that is ready to be delivered to the policymaker. The World Factbook, The President's Daily Brief, and the National Intelligence Estimates are examples of the three types of finished intelligence.

CIA Kids Page
When people think of the CIA, they think of people lurking around in trench coats, sending messages in code, and using cool tools to do their job. Well, to some extent that's true, but it's not the whole story.

Remote Sensing
Echo the Bat
Our proposed story revision intends to provide a base on which to build a beneficial interactive web site. The story will introduce educational themes for both Remote Sensing Technology (NASA) and NatureMapping (BRD).

Ubar: The Lost City
Ubar was once an ancient city of tremendous wealth and commerce located on the Arabian Peninsula in what is now Oman. Legend says that Allah became displeased with the wickedness of its citizens and buried the city under a wave of sand. Ubar remained lost for thousands of years until the coordinated efforts of archaeologist Nicholas Clapp, NASA scientist Dr. Ronald Blom, and a team of explorers discovered the mysterious city almost a decade ago.

Eyes in the Sky
NASA's Observatorium is a public access site for Earth and space data. We have pictures of the Earth, planets, stars, and other cool stuff, as well as the stories behind those images.

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